Whole Foods Starter Kit

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This is a basic starter kit for any horse owner ready to make the switch to all-natural without the stress and complexity --- and at a 10% discount! (Discount will be given automatically after adding to cart). All ingredients are high quality, organic and/or wild crafted, human grade and non-gmo. Plans can be further customized to fit your horse’s needs and you are always welcome to contact us for further suggestions. If you are feeding multiple horses, you can add one to your cart with your herbal selection, and then continue adding a new set to your cart for each horse. 

- 1 Free Sample of Wild Fed Feed (you may add additional samples here.)
- 1 Gallon Organic, Raw, Undiluted ACV
- 10oz of Roots Thorvin Kelp (can be fed in feed or free choice)
- Herbal Blend of your Choice

Roots Apple Cider Vinegar – Complete with enzymes, pre-biotics, high in potassium and other minerals – this is a wonderful health tonic that supports the body in many ways.

Roots Thorvin Kelp – Highest nutrient source of trace minerals, pure, certified organic and harvested geothermally, ensuring that the nutrients are not lost in the drying process. Combine with a loose trace mineral salt and offer free choice year round.

Pick a Herbal Blend – The last part, can be optional. You can select an herbal blend that fits a need that your horse may have. Both Roots and Wild Fed have wonderful, organic, human grade herbal formulas designed to support specific needs in horses. Most herbal blends are not to be used long term, but rather until the body is balanced and then they can be stopped or used as needed (generally a 12-week course).

Optional Consideration – Arthur Andrew Medical Novequin; High Quality, Non-GMO, Vegan Probiotic. Pure. Effective. If you horse has been on antibiotics, this would be a great choice to help restore the healthy gut flora. Young and old horses, horses in the performance industry, and beyond may also find significant benefit to this probiotic. It can be used short term or a smaller, long term maintenance dose.

Recommended Base Feed – If Wild Fed is not available in your area, you may substitute with a Non-GMO Grass Hay Pellet or Grass/Alfalfa Hay Pellet. Please note: Any Alfalfa Based Pellet is extremely likely to be GMO unless it is stated otherwise on the label or manufacturers website, so be sure to avoid Alfalfa if there are no confirmed Non-GMO options. Also, if you want to get Wild Fed in a feed store near you, you can email us your location and contact info and we can work to make that happen! *Full sized Wild Fed Feed bags are not included in this kit but are available in-store.*

Read more about starting a natural horse feed journey here. 


*We do not diagnose, treat or cure any conditions or ailments. Please consult your veterinarian for advice and diagnosis. If adverse reaction occurs, stop use immediately and consult your veterinarian. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions or ailments. Please consult your veterinarian for advice and diagnosis.

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