Organic, Raw & Undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar

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Raw, Organic, Kosher, Pure and Undiluted, with the Mother - this is the highest quality, most pure ACV you will find on the market. No water added to dilute for the upmost potency. Roots ACV is full of vitamins and minerals, particularly high in potassium which may help soft tissue development.  Simple, natural and chemical free, vinegar also contains valuable organic acids and has astringent properties. Best of all, it is palatable to horses - potentially due to the similarities in eating fermented windfall apples in the wild. Feed 1/2 cup 1x daily with at least equal parts water over feed for daily maintenance. In times of sickness or if improvement not noticed in 3 weeks, increase dose to 1 cup per day until results are noticed. Can also be added to water and over hay. 

One gallon at the 1/2 cup daily dose will last approximately 30 days.

 Note: Best to order in quantities of 4 for shipping.

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